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    AMD Radeon R9 390 8gb just installed for 3 monitor Gaming using Eyefinity


      Hi I watched Videos on You Tube and it looked simple slip in the Card and open the Catalyst Control highlight the Screens into the correct order having selected 3 monitors


      I don't appear to have AMD Catalyst. I opened Radeon Settings from the icon on the Task Bar and across the top on the Box that opened was GAMING    VIDEO     DISPLAY    SYSTEM

      Where the You Tube tutorials showed the Option of Eyefinity To Select

      the Upshot is I have only one Screen working..... if I press DISPLAY from the Box in Radeon Settings it Shows only one Screen with no options like I had seen in Catalyst Con/Ctr

      I have one Monitor working the other two are Blank they are New Samsung 27" Curved Screen Monitors with    Display Port     HMDI and    VGA

      I Have the working one DP TO DP and the other two are DVi    to   DP using DVI to DP Adapter Leads

      I'm 65 and not a Computer person really be Kind to me lol ...... my new PC has Windows 10 64 bit Pro

      Bit of advice in simple terms needed please what should I do ..... in the right order to fix my Problem

      Thanks Folks in Anticipation I cant wait to see them running!

      Cheers Ken