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Creators Update's game-bar feature caused desktop graphic slow-responding issue

Question asked by vonchen on May 27, 2017
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First, I do not know if this is AMD driver issue or windows issue,only I know is it happens on Windows 10 Creators Update in my case.

I whatever had reported this issue to AMD at first day I install Creators Update, but still no fix and seems no one report it, so I make this thread.


Since Creators Update, once I use game-bar feature in border-less windowed mode of the game, I will have very slow-responding desktop graphic issue.

To reproduce this issue:

1.Launch a game that supports border-less windowed mode.

2.Press hot key "win-key+g". game-bar UI.

4.Use "alt+tab" or "win+tab" to go back desktop UI and try to operate windows desktop UI.

Then you will see all desktop UI has very-slow responding.

5.This issue only affect desktop UI(but start menu is fine), game still runs fine while the issue is happening.


To fix this issue temporary:

In game, try to switch it to "Exclusive Full Screen" and switch back.


Of course, If I only use "Exclusive Full Screen" I will have no issue. But not all game use "Exclusive Full Screen", for most of time "border-less windowed mode" is my favor configuration.


I have a video to demo this issue, the game in the video is Hitman. This is not the game issue, the issue is coming from game-bar UI, not game it-self.

Noticed: In the video you see color became strange  but it is normal on my display while the issue happened. I do not know why color changed while recording.



I do not think it is hardware failure since I can run all things good , if I do not touch game-bar feature.


Hope it can be fix if this is reproduce-able issue for others and if this is graphic driver related issue.

It is annoying I have to switch to "Exclusive Full Screen" in game every re-boot. At first I even wonder my Windows or Graphic card is broken.

Thanks for reading.


PC spec.

Desktop PC


RAM: 8Gx2+2Gx2

Motherboard: Gigabyte B75M-D3H rev1.2 BIOS version F15

Graphic card: PowerColor REDDEVIL RX470 4G(O.C mode)

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1703(15063.332)

Display: Benq GL2450 on DVI

Power: Seasonic G-650W

AMD driver: Relive 17.5.2(Since 17.4.2 on Win10 1703 has the same issue)