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bug fix for wattman?

Question asked by ashleesman on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by ray_m

XFX RX-480 8gb GTR

Custom Build

Windows 10 64bit Professional

AMD FX-8350

32gb (8x4) Crucial Ballistix 1600

ASUS 970 Pro/Gaming Aura

120gb SanDisk Plus SSD (operating system and utilities)

250gb x 2 Samsung 850 EVO (Striped RAID array for games)

1tb x 2 WD Blue SATA (Backup, videos, storage)


I have had this problem since purchasing my 480 on Feb. 27th. Don't remember the Radeon driver version then. I will overclock with Wattman (safe overclocks) run Heaven, 3DMARK, Superposition, etc. with no heat stuttering, artifacing and it will run great with great scores. I will play games for hours with not so much as a hiccup! (Prey, Gears 4, DOOM, Mass Effect:Andromeda) When I turn off my computer and go to bed, I wake up and the settings are reset to XFX clocks! There are no crashes, no warnings when booting up, nothing! The only thing I get is to point to notifications in the Radeon settings app and I see the message in the attachment exactly as it shows but their was no system failure! Anyone? I grow tired of constantly resetting.