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Which AMD driver do i need after updating from Win 8.1 > Win 10

Question asked by dokcso on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 27, 2017 by kingfish

Hi guys


So the thing is:


I bough a laptop with win8.1
Then I was forced to upgrade to 10.


Now the driver for win10 was obsolete, and I couldn't get my laptop back to 8.1

I found my peace with the fact, that I just bought a laptop that was soon to be outdated, and therefore I couldn't properly play games, but hey, that's capitalism. If you want to maximize profits, you don't really care about the customers. At first I couldn't properly toggle the dual graphics-stuff, but I still could play the majority of games.


But now the problem is, since the last update, not even that old driver works anymore, I can't even do such simple tasks as connect my laptop via HDMI to my TV, since the driver is not capable of handling it, and I also couldn't find the correct driver, which would at least allow me to play the simplest games. I am talking 5FPS on a Flash-game here.


So if anyone would kindly direct me to the correct driver, or a solution for my situation, I would be very happy.
Since I have to ask other users for my AMD problems, because they don't have any customer support, which I find absolutely pathetic, and AMD has totally lost a customer with me at my next purchase of any PC related issue.


Win10 64Bit

AMD A-10-5750M APU
Radeon HD Graphics.




I would love to give you more info, but I can't even open the command center for the graphics unit, which would tell me the name of the secondary graphics-unit.


Cheers, and the very best of wishes,


Roland J.