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Only "FIXED" V-Core on B350 board ?

Question asked by ozozuz on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by stefanosgr18

Hi, i was trying to find a light for my Ryzen 5 1600 + B350M Mortar but i'm stuck with a problem.

If i choose a different v-core from auto "let's say 1.19V", as soon as i reach Windows, from cpu-z or hwinfo i can read that despite the cpu freq. is switching from 3600mhz"or any value i choose" to 1500 while idling, the v-core is stuck ad 1.190 either browsing web, watching the desktop or full load while gaming/rendering/stress-test.

If i leave the v-core on default at stock freq it will fluctuate from 0.6V idle to 1.2V max, i would like to have the same behavior with a custom v-core.


It happened with every bios i tried, if i manually set a v-core, it will stay at the value i set regardless of the use "idle, gaming, load" despite having the amd cool'n quiet option enabled.


If i instead leave the v-core on Auto in bios and once in windows use Ryzen Master to set it at a custom value "same as the case before" it will normally go up and down according to the load but i have to launch the app and make the change every time i boot the pc !


Tried to clear cmos, reset settings, but nothing.


I tried to write many times at the msi support but they are answering my ticket just with generic phrases :C