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    RX 480 screen occasionally goes black and sign "dvi no signal" appears when that happens


      I launch a game, play if for 40-60 seconds and suddenly everything freezes for 3-5 seconds and then screen goes black and in the middle of screen I see the sign "dvi no signal".

      That sign lasts for 1-2 seconds and then everything returns to normal, but the problem is that this issue is happening every 40-60 seconds while playing, not only once...

      I reinstalled my windows, reinstalled drivers several times but its still happening. Here is my system:


      ASUS b350+ prime

      Ryzen 5 1600

      RAM: Crucial 8gb 2133 mhz

      Power Supply: Thearmaltake 550W

      ASUS DUAL RX 480 8gb