The #Ryzen7seconds Sweepstakes

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7 Weeks. 7 Ryzen 7s. 7 Things. 7 Seconds. Ends 7/7.


Hey everyone, it’s Friday so let’s have some fun!


We're happy to announce that today is the start of the #Ryzen7seconds Contest!

As you may know, Ryzen processors are fast. Like REALLY fast. And multitasking is also a breeze thanks to Ryzen 7’s multi-threading capabilities.


So to show our excitement, we're giving away 7 Ryzen 7 1700Xs from now until 7/7/17. Here's the catch, you need to show us your high speed multitasking talents by attempting to do 7 things in 7 seconds. See what we did there?


Send us a video of yourself doing (or attempting to do) 7 things in 7 seconds. Try playing 7 instruments in 7 seconds, high-fiving 7 people in 7 seconds, working on 7 projects on your PC in 7 seconds, you get the idea. At the end of every week we will randomly give away one Ryzen 7 1700X. You have 7 chances to win so don't give up. Check out the rules below on how to enter. Good luck!




How to enter on Red Team Forum

  1. Register on the Red Team Forum
  2. Have at least three followers in the Red Team Forum
    1. Need followers? All aboard the Follow Train: Follow Train! (Need followers? Post in this thread!)
  3. Create a video of yourself attempting to perform 7 activities in 7 seconds! (Must not exceed 3 minutes)
  4. Reply to this thread with your video


Please read the rules before you enter:

You can find the rules for the #Ryzen7Seconds Sweepstakes here: AMD #RYZEN7SECONDS SWEEPSTAKES #6 FORUM OFFICIAL RULES


You can also enter on Twitter using hashtag #Ryzen7seconds + #Contest

  1. Follow AMD Twitter handle @AMDRyzen;
  2. Log into Participant’s own Twitter account;
  3. Create an original video of Participant attempting to perform seven (7) different activities in seven (7) seconds to demonstrate Ryzen 7 capabilities.  Videos may be longer than seven (7) seconds and may not exceed three (3) minutes;
  4. Create a tweet containing the hashtags #Ryzen7seconds and #Contest;
  5. Attach the original video in the tweet; and
  6. Post the tweet by clicking on “Tweet.”


Please read the Twitter rules here: AMD #RYZEN7SECONDS TWITTER #6 Sweepstakes: Official Rules


Congrats to our Winners!