Problems with graphics drivers/radoen settings

Discussion created by biggsy on May 26, 2017
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I recently decided to update my laptop graphic drivers using auto-detect (which I now know was a mistake) and the result of this was that I couldn't access the radeon settings anymore, as it came up with the No AMD graphics driver is installed message. After some searching I tried out the steps on this as well as some others:

Fix error: No AMD Graphics driver is installed - Driver Easy

But the problem remains. After this I found that my games were suffering from alot of performance problems, generally very low fps. Since then I have tried several clean uninstalls using DDU and installing various drivers, old and new, and still nothing. Performance issues could be because of something I did when trying to fix the issue or the issue itself, but I don't know since I didn't try any of the games before that.


My computer is a bit obscure:

HP Pavilion 15-ab052ng notebook

AMD A10 Extreme Edition Radeon R8, 64 bit

Graphics card is a dual one, with a AMD Radoen R7 M360 (which doesnt seem to exist on the AMD manually select your driver options)



The driver I have been using is this one:


But Im really not sure it is right, which is probably the most likely issue. There has also been a thing where the screen would go black briefly and the windows nofication sound would play, the screen would go back but be darkened and as message would appear saying there has been a software change and to reboot (which does nothing).

Thanks for your help