Black screen freeze when installing AMD Display Drivers

Discussion created by jonesjelani on May 26, 2017
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I am the proud owner of a  AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB 512Bits  . I was running windows 10 Pro x64 bit with Amd crimson driver 15.11.1 beta when my system crashed playing the Dota 2 suddenly

a black screen appears . I have tried many other previous and newer versions of various drivers but no luck . I did system restores of my previous build in windows 10 but always get the black screen with a system freeze.

Basically, the system runs fine with the basic Microsoft driver, but the very second I install any AMD driver (I have tried the current versions and older ones, over a year old), my screen goes black. No matter if I clean the drivers in safe mode with DDU or not, or if I used the device manager to directly update the driver, or let Windows update do its thing.

Right now my system specifications are

My PC specification is AMD FX-6120 Six Cores  10 gb RAM  Antec 650 watt.


I have found users with the same issue, dating over a year back, this seems to be widespread and no one knows a solution. When will there be a fix to get my GPU working again? What is the cause. Excact ETA on the fix pls, this should be the number one priority for the Catalyst team right now!


I have been using this card since 1 years everything everygame and every driver on every window was working fine before . I have also tried switching to windows 7, windows 8 , windows 8.1 but regardless of the amd display driver version the same isssue occours as soon as the display driver is install but restart did not show me blackscreen as other users are facing this problem.

At blackscreen fan speed up and slow down within 5 Sec.