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Enabling GPU scaling in AMD ReLive drivers prevents selecting refresh rate higher than 60hz?

Question asked by revoc on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by johnniedoo

I'm starting to think this is a software issue/bug with AMD's drivers rather than a hardware issue. The reason I've ruled out it being hardware is because when I turn GPU scaling to OFF, I can select the 75hz refresh rate in my Windows 10 display options. The 75hz is verified through in-game FPS counter. When GPU scaling ON, it instantly reverts back to 60hz, and the 75hz option no longer displays in the drop-down selection box.


Based on this information, would everyone agree it's a software issue rather than hardware? Anybody else encountered this problem? I really would like to use my monitor to its full capacity. The monitor is an Asus VG245H connected through HDMI to an AMD RX480.


I don't believe it's a specific driver version issue. I have been having this problem with ALL versions of the driver, old and new - from the very latest driver all the way to the drivers before the ReLive rebrand.