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Hello, my ryzen 5 1600 stopped working after two weeks of usage

Question asked by mca162 on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by gigabytes

Hello, so i have just built my first ryzen tower and everything was working just fine until yesterday. I tried to boot up my pc but it gets me directly to the bios. So i thought that resetting my bios would sove it but instead i can't even access my bios anymore (when i boot up my pc there is just a black screen....) . So i opened the case and i found there is a red led on (See picture attached). Can anyone here help me please?

Just in case here is my entire build :

CPU : ryzen 5 1600

MOBO : gigabyte GA-AB350 gaming 3

GPU : msi gtx1070 gaming x 8g

RAM : g.skill ripjaws v 16 gb

SSD : samsung 850 evo 250 gb

HDD : western digital caviar blue 1to

PSU : seasonic g650

Thank you for your help