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How to run GTA V on RX460?

Question asked by scavengeriel on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by andrezee

I have an Asus FX550iu Laptop, which has a:

AMD FX9830p Processor

RX460 2gb (desktop) GPU.


When I start GTA V it runs on a window with 800 x 600 Resolution. When I look at the graphics setting I can clearly see that the game is only running on the 1gb video ram in the AMD FX9830P processor. So I exited the game, disabled the integrated GPU (from the device manager) and ran the game again. This time it ran on Full screen, but with like 0-1 fps. And when I opened the graphics setting, it is now running on 5gb of I don't know what.


Do not tell me to update my graphics card because the laptop suddenly becomes unstable when I do that.