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rx 460 driver problem

Question asked by bda on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by ray_m

Hello, i brought rx460, but i installed the new driver and nothing works, i try to open a video file, mkv, mp4 etc, and does not work, try to run some games such overwatch,  says there is no video card, tried street fighter 5 and runs on slowmotion, then i installed the old driver, the one that comes with the cd-rom, works fine, but now i am playing bioshock 2 remastered and its crashing, i searched on some forums and seems to be driver problem, so, i having no problem using this old driver, but this is not suppose to happen right? install a new driver and the card does not work, also, if a new game comes and need a new driver version, i wont be able to play because the new driver dont detect my video card, any tip? sry for the bad english btw.