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Second screen flicker with minimal OC with new drivers

Question asked by nonsense2596 on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by ray_m



So I have a Sapphire r9 280x 3gb card on a Windows 10 Creators x64 system. A month or two ago, it began throwing "Radeon Settings host application stopped working" errors whenever I opened MSI Afterburner.

Today I removed both Afterburner / Rivatuner and everything AMD from my computer, disabled the Windows auto-update service, and also used DisplayDriverUninstaller.

After a restart, I installed the latest version (17.4.4), and the second I touched either the core frequency/memory frequency or power limit sliders (starting from +1mhz), my second screen instantly starts to flicker, even in indle.

The same goes for 17.4.2 and 17.4.3 I tried after it.

Previously, the card worked for three years at 1150/1600 up from the default frequencies of 1070/1550.


I don't think anything is wrong with my card, considering it started producing this error only after a driver reinstall, but what should be the Crimson version I try, that won't cause this flickering issue?