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RX480: Grey screen after monitor idle mode

Question asked by kamberman on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by amdmatt

I set my monitor to be idle after one minute and the computer never to be suspended. However, after I use the mouse/keyboard to turn the monitor back on, I get a grey screen with colourful pixels. That grey screen stays on and the only way to return to my normal desktop screen is to press the monitor power button off and back on OR if I disconnect the dvi cable (and then reconnect it). That grey screen only appears when the monitor is idle, not after sleep mode.


The vga card is a Gigabyte AMD RX480 Gaming with 17.5.2 drivers and it is not overclocked. The monitor is a Philips 226V4. All the latest drivers are installed. I also tried to roll back to previous driver versions but that did not help.


This problem only happens when I use the vga card, not the onboard intel vga.


I've sent the vga back to the shop I bought it, they tested it on two different systems and said that this problem did not occur. They also run some benchmarks and found no problems with the vga card. I can confirm that the temperatures of the vga are normal and the fans are working properly.


I contacted Microsoft about the issue. And after using remote assistance they concluded that it's not a windows related problem. (windows were also reinstalled and updated by microsoft assistance).


The system is new and only the monitor and the storage devices are from previous system setups.

The microsoft technicians said it's probably a compatibility issue. But I wonder if it is a known issue to you and what should I do next? Change the VGA? Change the monitor? Change the PSU? Is there any other action/setting I could do to prevent this annoying grey screen from appearing?

My setup: Processor: Intel i5-7600K, motherboard asus z-270 prime-a, RAM: 2x8gb DDR4 , PSU: Corsair 850watt, windows 10 pro X64


PS: I notice that when the system is idle, the chassis fans periodically (every 5 minutes or so) begin spinning at full speed for 2-3 seconds and then slowing back to normal. I don't know if this has to do with my problem but I thought it may help, since it also happens without reason and only in idle mode as well....


Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to hearing from you.