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    Hello there, AMD ReLive - Hotkeys cannot be changed - the keys I want to use by activating the change-function do not have any effect at all !!!


      AMD ReLive Hotkeys.JPG

      The "Hotkeys" shown and used (yellow marked) cannot be changed and they are also very important

      keys ingame and therefore absolutely irrelevant .

      This is somehow bad because one should know, that esspecially these keys are important in most games !

      So the possibillity to change them like intended should and has to work !


      Many Thanks for the help ...


      Peter B.


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          • Re: Hello there, AMD ReLive - Hotkeys cannot be changed - the keys I want to use by activating the change-function do not have any effect at all !!!

            Hello Ray_m,

            thanks for your answer and the advice for the required information .

            Well, I have to admit that I didn't think that a complete PC System was essential,

            having a software issue like the simple change of the Hotkeys using Radeon ReLive -

            Since it's now 6 days ago that I had posted my question I didn't think that someone

            was going to answer it anyway -

            Ok. - so there might be a chance for help -


            My Rig / PC :

            OS - Win 7 pro x64 SP 1 and newest Update

            Mainboard - ASRock 990FX Extreme 3, AMI Bios P1.70, SMBios Vers. 2.7

            CPU - AMD FX 8350 on AM3+

            GPU - Sapphire R9 290 TRI X OC, 4GB GDDR5

            RAM - 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 4x8 GB


            System - Crucial MX300 SSD 500GB

            Programs - Seagate Hybrid ST2000DX001-1CM164

            LG BluRay BH16NS40 multi


            So I guess this should be allright as System Info -

            Now the facts :

            I had installed the complete system on a new SSD (see above)

            and the required software with the newest Versions and Drivers !

            Esspecially AMD Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.4 for my GPU -

            Despite the fact that the Hotkeys for Screenrecording couldn't

            be changed in the former version, I suggested that it would work now .

            I used FRAPS as a Screenrecording Software before, but because

            FRAPS can only record in AVI File format with very good quality,

            but therefore needs a lot of HDD-Space, I wanted to try ReLive !

            Buy the way ... changing the recording Hotkeys in FRAPS is

            not a problem at all !!

            Now "ReLive" uses the Key-Combination "Strg+Shift+R" for Video,

            and "Strg+Shift+E" for Screens, but in fact why using 3 keys at one

            time when 1 is enough !?

            And here's the absolute NoGo , why using 3 keys that are absolute essential

            for the Gameplay functions in most games ?!

            The Recording works, but during the play ingame this is not

            convinient in no way, because for example in Skyrim and Enderal

            the Player Char. does three actions at one time !!!


            I tried to find a Contact possibility directly with AMD, but that seems not possible,

            like an Email for instance ? Or a contact board .

            Using this forum is not what I think about a user and customer pleasant support form -


            I use and configurate PCs since the 80ties but never had an isssue like a simple

            Hotkey-changing function that won't work -

            Radeon Relive Keys.JPG


            Finally I have to say, many thanks in advance and I hope that this problem can be solved !


            Regards and Greetings


            Peter B.


            PS. since the installation, newest Win-Update and new Crimson Driver ,

            the AMD BIOS/UEFI does not show up anymore -

            I had contacted ASRock and described the facts but they couldn't find a solution .

            The only answer they finally had was, that the Graphics-Card-Driver cannot show the

            BIOS/UEFI Display no more, whatsoever ... -

            My system works fine but I also never had a Bios Interface that didn't show up

            during the Bootup Process ... -