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    Artefacts on vegetation in DayZ in present versions (0.60 - 0.62)




      Since 0.60 throughout 0.62, there is constant dithering/white dots along with blue lines on trees and grass, it only exists for AMD cards.


      Here's some uncompressed pictures, you need to zoom in and look at the trees:


      I did send a bug report.


      Steps to reproduce:


      - Enable Alpha to Coverage; then click apply.

      - After that, enable the setting below it, with the  "All trees + Grass" value selected, the bug appears with any value, I said all trees and grass due to it enables both.


      This setting makes vegetation look a lot nicer, but produces graphical problems for AMD users.




      i5 4690K @ 4.5 GHz

      R9 Fury X

      8 GB DDR3 RAM



      Dell U2515H - 2560x1440 60hz monitor