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      I mounted a CPU with the following parts:


      Processor AMD RYZEN 7 1700


      Motherboard MSI X370 SLI PLUS

      Video Card: Gyadabyte Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8G

      Memory: cosair vengeance LPX 3200 Mhz (CMK16GX4M2b3200C16R)

      Corsair CX750, 80 Plus Bronze Certificate

      SSD Multilaser AXIS 500 120Gb

      HD Seagate 2Tb Barracuda


      I updated the BIOS to version 3.3 (MS-7A33) and installed windows 10. When running the operating system I came across the following problems:


      - Locking, being necessary to restart;

      - Blue screen with following error: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT;

      - In Setup the CPU is unbalanced:

                 -> very high temperature, varying between 60 ° C and 69 ° C;

                 -> CPU core high voltage 1.456v;

                 -> CPU NB voltage of 1,075v;

                 -> When on, the CPU game boost only reaches 3.4 Ghz;

                 -> The CPU voltage settings are blocked and I can not change these OC settings.


      Why is the motherboard designating such a high voltage for the CPU that has a voltage standard around 1,200v? Why is the temperature so high? Why are the CPU voltage settings locked?


      Of course,


      Núbio Cicarini Hott Junior

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          I would not put much faith in that voltage readout, Ryzen Vcore tends to bounce around based on core load even if you have Vcore set manually. It does however look like your cpu is under load during that screen shot. You should get HWiNFO and post that here. Hint: if you select your target window and do alt+printscreen then paste into paint you can get a clean screenshot of the specific window.


          Edit: Oh and regarding the watchdog BS I would suspect there is something on your computer that is racing some of your cores, virus or something. I made in a post in some thread about a overactive core 0, you can check that out.

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            The problem was solved shortly after successive attempts to install the windows 10 update. It should be some kind of incompatibility between the operating system and the new ryzen processor.