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    Game FPS drops, Video stuttering on newer Drivers for RX480


      Since I reinstalled my Windows 10 because of a minor system-upgrade(New case, NVM SSD and CPU watercooling), any driver newer then 16.11.5 cause FPS drops in games every 5 seconds or so and video playback (like e.g. Youtube in Firefox) is downright unwatchable.

      It worked with the same drivers on a system that was just a Win 10 upgraded from Win 8.1 so I can't grasp even remotely what the problem might be.

      Doing a clean install of Win10 usually clears problems, not creating new ones.


      I am able to use the system fluently and play most games with the 16.11.5 drivers, but it just opens up another can of worms leading to other games having weird issues or downright not starting at all.


      I am usually able to solve my problems just fine using the power of mighty Google and Common sense and this just seems to be something so unique, if you are in for a mystery, read on:



      Windows Updates: Updated to the fullest or just straight how it was from the ISO. No change.

      Drivers: Using the most up-to-date ones for all my devices. Again, what happens with the AMD drivers, read above.

      BIOS: Used both the BIOS before the system underwent upgrade and newest one. No change.

      Devices: Unplugged all unneeded devices and both internally (Hard drives, swapping RAM slots, trying RAM sticks individually) and externally. No change.

      Software: A clean install pretty much means all external factors regarding software and background processes are eliminated, I don't even have a Anti-virus installed for crying out loud.

      Hardware acceleration: Turning off hardware acceleration in Firefox yielded no change whatsoever, one thing I did notice is, turning off add-ons reduces the intensity of the frame drops,

      doesn't eliminate it, unfortunately though.

      Freesync: Either on and off. No change.

      Overclock: Turned off XMP and any Overclock. No change.

      OS drive: Installed on different drives. No change.



      Booting the old Windows install: Unfortunately the old boot-sector or whatever got fried and can't get it repaired, even with using my Install disc for Win10. I think that is gone for good

      Insufficient Power: Highly unlikely, the PSU is not nearly reaching the maximum at capacity, also unplugging the devices yielded no change.

      Faulty Hardware: Can't entirely rule it out, ever, still seems highly unlikely since swapping driver versions solves issues, but creates new ones.

      Card BIOS: Is there a thing like flashing a new BIOS for a graphics card, never done that before, also I can't find one official resource on it, either from ASUS or AMD, so I never bothered.



      ASUS ROG Strix RX480 O8G

      Windows 10 Pro x64

      Intel i5-6600K

      ASUS Z170-A with BIOS of 3401 (up-to-date as of writing)

      2x 8GB DDR4 Kingston KHX2400C15D4

      Corsair CX500M 500W


      AOC G2778VQ 1080p @75Hz (Freesync capable) via Display Port

      These were mostly disconnected, including them for completion's sake:

      Acer G246HL 1080p @60Hz via HDMI

      Acer G246HL 1080p @60Hz via DVI-D(Card) to HDMI(Monitor)

      Hyundai B71A 1280x1024 @60Hz via active HDMI(Card) to VGA(Monitor) adapter


      Completely baffling to me, anyone have suggestions?