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eyefinity Issues R7 200

Question asked by grant_parks on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by ray_m

So, Ive had my Radeon R7 200 graphics card for a while now and I just got second monitor set up. I wanted tp play around with Radeon settings and i found the eyefinity feature. I clicked "quick setup" and boom everything was all set up, but unfortunately not all had gone to plan. my left monitor is 1200x1600 and my right one is 1080x1920 the images on both screes go stretched and pulled to fit and it just didnt look good for what i wanted to be doing on my PC so i looked for a way to disable eyefinity and found the discard option, clicked it, and my screens go black. I try pulging and unplugging, everything. so i turn off my pc manually hoping this would solve the issue but it still remains. So, what i'm looking for is a way to disable eyefinity and regain my 2 screen configuration where both monitors are recognized by windows as different screens, not combined.