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Ryzen Master Crash Recovery

Question asked by sodapop554 on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by amdmatt

Since it seems that my current, latest BIOS version is too glitchy for that type of overclocking (I think anyway). I've decided to give Ryzen Master a try for my R5 1500X on an MSI B350M Gaming Pro. Although I'm concerned that if I try to set a voltage E.G: 1.40V for 4.0GHz & my system crashes. Will it continue to keep trying to reapply that unstable OC upon reboot? I know that unstable OC's via BIOS can be remedied simply by clearing CMOS which I know how to do & have done many times this week already. I just don't know how Ryzen Master deals with unstable overclocks & reading the manual hasn't helped me.


P.S: Although unconfirmed by any professional yet, my BIOS refuses to properly apply any CPU changes to voltage or frequency. Attempting to do so either results in it working for a little while until shut down. Or it doesn't at all plus both HWMonitor & CPU-Z report frequency stuck at 1.5GHz & Cinebench scores drop from 790's to 200's. Even though at that same time BIOS & Task Manager claim it's running at the set OC. So I'm assuming it's just a buggy BIOS, if any of you have thoughts to offer on this I'd appreciate those too.