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VMware 6.5, Horizon 7.1, S7150x2 => Black Screen

Question asked by amg on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by fsadough


since March
we are running 3x HP380DL Gen9 Servers with 786GB RAM and two S7150x2 in each
Server. The OS we are Using is ESX 6.5 (Patchlevel is up to date), and Horizon
View 7.1 Enterprise.

We have the
Problem that some provisioned VM’s work fine and others from the same pool showing
a black screen on connect. The weird thing is that I cannot reproduce it. It
happens on VM’s with the same settings. Doesn’t matter, if we are using full clones
or linked clones. This happens with every protocol (PCoIP, VMblast, RDP). I’ve
tried all drivers I found (1.00, 1.01, and 1.02) even the Beta one.

Something I
noticed, as soon as I use a Baseimage with the actual Patchlevel of Windows 10
1607 almost every VM shows the black screen. The Image with Windows 10 1607
Patch level March 2017 has a chance 60:40 in getting a black screen.

Do you have
any ideas?