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    6 screen eyefinity 3x2 not working


      Hi guys,

      I am currently running  a crossfire RX480 setup on Windows 10 64bit.

      I am trying to get a 3x2 6 screen eyefinity setup working however I am running into a lot of issues wherein I cannot get 2 of the 6 screens to be detected.

      All 6 screens are connected with DVI cables to DVI-DP1.2 active adaptors. I have 2 3 port Startech MST hubs connecting the screens into the primary RX480's DP ports.

      When I try to set up the screens in Windows or via AMD settings I cannot get all 6 working, only 2 screens from each MST hub is recognized.

      Can I please get some help because I am going crazy right now trying to figure this out~!!!!

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          Sounds like the MST Hubs and the DVI-DP1.2 adapter combination has compatibility issues with the RX 480s. Once you start adding adapters and hubs into the mix, compatibility can sometimes go up in the air. Unfortunately we do not validate these types of configurations, so these types of issues can be expected.