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System Unstable and Crashing, all games, RX 470

Question asked by viniciusxis on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by amdmatt

So basically every game I try to play kind of either crashes or crashes into desktop.
Cs:go crashes into desktop and sometimes it completely crashes the pc (I have to reset) or I have to ctraltdel and log out/relog in. Dota 2 is the same, crashes into desktop and if you ctrlaltdel it shows as "Not responding" (same to csgo). Path of exile is either very much lagged/impossible to play or just crashes after a while playing as well, same with tree of savior.
I opened up my desktop, I brushed an eraser on my RAM, I checked to see if the fans on my cooler, processor and GPU were working, it all seems to be fine.
I also really thought I should be getting better fps/not so much stutter/spike on csgo. I have a lot of stutter when someone shoots or appear on the screen, and its all on low graphic settings.
I'm out of ideas on what to try. Please help.


These are my specs:

PSU is GX 450W Bronze



This is some monitored stuff on my GPU:

I noticed that the GPU fans stopped working after the crash as well.




This is some drivers stuff:



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