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    ReLive videos look like a slideshow (Triple monitor setup)


      Recording games in fullscreen, or using desktop mode for borderless fullscreen results in a video file that has all the audio, but seems to record 1 frame per every ~5-30 seconds, rather than 30/60 per second. Audio is not affected at all, neither is the mouse movement when a cursor is visible, its the actual games rendered content that is dropped. In-game there are no performance issues, just in the final recording. I've tried a clean install of the AMD graphics drivers and software. Hyper-V is not enabled in Windows or in BIOS. This effect is visible in CS:GO, PUBG and Sunless Sea, I have not tested other titles.


      • AMD Graphics Card
        • AMD R9 290X
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installed
        • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.4.4
      • Display Devices (Monitor -> Card)
        • (Left) BenQ GL2450 VGA -> DP
        • (Centre - Main) BenQ GL2450H HDMI-> DVI
        • (Right) BenQ GL2450H DVI -> DVI
      • Motherboard
        • Asus Z87 Pro
      • CPU/APU
        • Intel i5 4670K
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • Corsair Builder Series CXM 750W Modular
      • RAM
        • 16GB
        • Re: ReLive videos look like a slideshow (Triple monitor setup)

          I have found that if I disconnect all displays but the main display, then turn ReLive off and on again, then re-enable my other Displays, ReLive works as expected, however this is very cumbersome to repeat every time I want to use it, and nullifies the point of the instant replay features. Additionally, I have to repeat the process every time a window not on the main screen is given focus, so this is not really a solution to the actual issue.

          • Re: ReLive videos look like a slideshow (Triple monitor setup)

            I've seen this issue described on this forum in different fashions, but kudos to the OP because you described it perfectly.  I have the same issue with recordings, and have no ill effects on any computer performance including in-game or any other software.  Only the Relive recordings.  Audio, perfect.  But stills get recorded, not moving video.  True for YouTube or other captures online as well as in-game captures of multiple games.  I had this working at one point and then it stopped.


            This forum seems to have this issue scattered about in different thread topics, so please don't delete my response here too, because it may help others (and me!) resolve it in one thread or another.  I mentioned elsewhere that I suspect a possible conflict with Cyberlink PowerDirector, since this problem started the day I used it with a successfully recorded Relive gaming video.  No W10 updates or Radeon updates were done that day, then this problem started.  Continues on all cleanly installed Radeon Crimson versions.  My specs:


            W10-64bit, i7-6950x, Asus RVE10 MoBo, Sapphire Radeon 9 Fury (two), DisplayPort conns to two Dell U2515H 25" monitors, 1250W PSU (Corsair).

            As stated above, clean install of many different versions of Radeon Crimson, currently installed latest version 17.6.2.  All versions back to 17.4.2 have same issue, and all used to work (except latest one once the issue emerged).

              • Re: ReLive videos look like a slideshow (Triple monitor setup)

                I know it's odd to reply to your own thread, so consider this a followup.  After hours of trying different things, I finally tried recording on my second monitor.  Had never tried that before.  It worked.  I don't want to record on this monitor but now I know that it's working this way.  What I do know at this point is that both Windows and Radeon think that my alternate/second monitor is No. 1, that's how they identify it.  It shouldn't be, and I never bothered with that because it's a royal pain IMO to try to get monitors arranged right in Windows and also get the numbers right.  They still work as-is, but now apparently ReLive cannot figure this out and can only record correctly when it switches to the second monitor.  I don't know why, maybe because Crossfire is enabled.  I did try turning that off and it still didn't work on my main monitor.  More to come later perhaps, at least this is progress.

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                    OK so tried a couple more things.  In my post above I said both monitors were using DisplayPort (1.2 certified cables).  I tried switching to HDMI connections and got the same results.  Sort of eliminating the cable type as an issue.  I also tried to clone the displays to see if I could record, and yes that does work.  However I do not want to have to go cloning displays every time I want to use ReLive, that's a silly workaround.  I also tried to switch the monitors so that Windows changed which was primary display and which was secondary.  After I did that I got the same poor results, one monitor could record moving video and the other just produced still images (very slow slideshow) from ReLive, with perfect audio..


                    I did manage to get Windows to change the display numbers from No. 2 on the primary display and No. 1 on the secondary, to No. 1 on the primary.  I did this by pulling the cable from the card while the computer was on and Windows was running.  Then plugging back in.  I didn't want to do this, and Windows 10 didn't like this approach either, lol, but after all was back and I arranged displays again through Radeon Crimson and then rebooted, the primary display permanently became No. 1 and the the secondary display became No. 2.  I feel that is important because it shows if ReLive cares about that, and unfortunately it did not.  Same poor recording results.


                    I think I'm out of ideas to try, but I think I've ruled out hardware deficiencies i.e. all equipment seems to be in good working condition.  This is clearly a multi-monitor issue, but whether software conflict or driver coding issue I can't tell.  Hope that helps a little for the gurus who read this for improvements and fixes.   My systems specs are listed above.

                • Re: ReLive videos look like a slideshow (Triple monitor setup)

                  I have the same Problem, i use the latest AMD drivers available atm ( 17.7.1 ) with my R9 380x , my i5 6600K (OC to 4.3 GHz) and 8GB of RAM. I have 3 Displays hooked up ( DP, HDMI and VGA to DVI ) my system properly identifys my monitors ( primary as 1, secondary as 2 and so on) . Every time i boot up my pc and try to record something my recordings are unusable and this is really starting to get on my nerves ^^'  but i have found a more or less cumbersome workaround wich involves switching the projection mode to duplicate ( via Win+P ), turning relive on and off again and then switching back to extend.  this seems to work just fine but is verry annoying to repeat. I hope that i could provide at least a little bit of helpful advice and new information to finally solve this  problem.