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ReLive videos look like a slideshow (Triple monitor setup)

Question asked by g0wen on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by ocerry

Recording games in fullscreen, or using desktop mode for borderless fullscreen results in a video file that has all the audio, but seems to record 1 frame per every ~5-30 seconds, rather than 30/60 per second. Audio is not affected at all, neither is the mouse movement when a cursor is visible, its the actual games rendered content that is dropped. In-game there are no performance issues, just in the final recording. I've tried a clean install of the AMD graphics drivers and software. Hyper-V is not enabled in Windows or in BIOS. This effect is visible in CS:GO, PUBG and Sunless Sea, I have not tested other titles.


  • AMD Graphics Card
    • AMD R9 290X
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.4.4
  • Display Devices (Monitor -> Card)
    • (Left) BenQ GL2450 VGA -> DP
    • (Centre - Main) BenQ GL2450H HDMI-> DVI
    • (Right) BenQ GL2450H DVI -> DVI
  • Motherboard
    • Asus Z87 Pro
    • Intel i5 4670K
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Corsair Builder Series CXM 750W Modular
  • RAM
    • 16GB