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    Free Sponsored Desktop Request


      Hello Dear AMD Family,

      I have been using your product which is AMD A4-4300M APU Processor with Dual Graphics 7420G+-7670M Samsung Laptop for 6 years.

      I will make a request and wish if you don't mind.

      I'm studying English Language and Literature Department in Selçuk University.

      Last night my Laptop has broken due to overheating. Please don't misunderstand me. I don't blame you, My device has completed its life by serving me 6 years without any hiccups.

      Because in my school,social life and other aspects of life, a computer is a necessity in order to keep going my life.

      Because I am a student and Because I can't work untill my graduation, I can't buy myself a new computer. BTW, my parents can't affort me buying a new one.

      That's my request, If you could donate me a new cheap desktop, I would be very happy. I made a scanning and I found a cheap desktop which suits my needs. Model Number is:

      iBuyPower Gamer WA583R7

      I will be waiting your answer about my request.

      I hope you can understand and contact me.

      Thanks and Regards...