Crimson Install Error 17.5.2. No Compatible AMD Software

Discussion created by hunt45 on May 21, 2017
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I wanted to inform you of a possible problem and at the same time ask for a solution if one is available.


the problem is that I have gotten the update for the newest crimson software which if I remember correctly is at the moment of writing 17.5.2 the problem being when I update the software to the latest drivers it being a clean install or an update it seems like it only installs half of the program. which results in the software not working and getting the error that states there is no AMD compatible software or no AMD software at all installed on the PC (which pops up after trying to open the Radeon settings). I have also tried to install the software directly to the newest version after completely removing all AMD software and it still gives the same problem. I noticed this problem when I was searching for a problem with mass effect andromeda suddenly eating 100% of my CPU which normally only took about 20%-50% CPU. so I was wondering is there a solution for this? has this been mentioned more? at the moment I am trying to install the software for 17.5.1 in the hopes that one will work since at the moment I have no crimson software running at all.