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RX 470 Voltage Behavior

Question asked by inj3ct8r on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by kingfish

I have asus rx470 strix... I installed 17.2.1 driver and under load the voltage vddc was 1140mv ~ 1160mv. I updated to 17.5.1 and voltages decrease to 1120mv ~ 1140mv... so I think the driver is responsible for this voltage change... I revert back driver to 17.2.1 to see if I am correct but the voltage remain on 1120mv ~ 1140mv.... I want to know why the voltage changed suddenly on its own... I didn't change gpu bios and all settings on wattman are default... I hope I can get the answer here.... Because I had signal loss issue sometimes when vddc was 1140mv ~ 1160mv


Here is the diagram of the past voltages vs now... now it is on red line