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    error code 45




      For a few days now I've got a little problem with my amd radeon HD7400M graphics card/ driver. The problem is that after I 'succesfully' installed the catalyst control center and rebooted my computer I can't open the catalyst control center because it isn't there. If I then go looking at device management (on my laptop in dutch: apparaatbeheer) then there's only the intel hd graphics 3000 listed at the graphics card column. If I then click show hidden items the amd becomes visible saying it has an error code 45. (google translation from the code: This device is currently not connected to the computer, or there is no connection to this device). I have already tried multiple versions of the catalyst control center (which are capable with my graphics card) but none of them worked out for me.

      These problems started occuring after I replaced my hard disk because the previous one had crashed, before that crash the graphics card was just working without any problems.


      Technical specs from my laptop:

      HP pavilion g7-1390ed

      Intel I5

      AMD radeon hd7400m

      Intel HD graphics 3000

      Windows 10 64-bits


      I'm sorry if my english isn't fully correct, it's not my native language

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          Okay: a little update. I've tried to do a re-install of the catalyst so I've first of all removed everything related to AMD and then I installed it again but now the graphics card just totally disappeared from my device management like it isn't in my computer anymore. Can someone help, it's to weird that I've never had any problem the past 5 years (even with windows 10) and now, the hard disk crashed, got a new (even better) one and that whole graphics card pretents it doesn't exsist at all. It really is becoming a feeling like that I'm playing hide and seek with that graphics card then actually fixing my issue, which really needs to be fixed as I really am sick of getting those errors that I need a suitable graphics adapter for DirectX11 with every game I want to play...

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              The HD74xxxm series has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will not be any further driver updates for your product. More information available here.


              The latest Crimson driver for your system is 16.2.1 and is available here.

              The last Catalyst driver for your system is 15.11.1 Beta and is available here.


              I would recommend using DDU to sweep your system of AMD drivers, and then trying the drivers above to see if they resolve your issue.

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                  Did not work out for me, at first when I opened DDU it did not detect the AMD driver, only the intel one, before it always detected my amd driver even after the uninstall. and when I install after a reboot the amd catalyst 15.11.1 and again a reboot, the amd card still won't show up in device management. also that crimson one won't even install due to no suitable hardware or somekind of that.