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error code 45

Question asked by 21coasterguy on May 21, 2017
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For a few days now I've got a little problem with my amd radeon HD7400M graphics card/ driver. The problem is that after I 'succesfully' installed the catalyst control center and rebooted my computer I can't open the catalyst control center because it isn't there. If I then go looking at device management (on my laptop in dutch: apparaatbeheer) then there's only the intel hd graphics 3000 listed at the graphics card column. If I then click show hidden items the amd becomes visible saying it has an error code 45. (google translation from the code: This device is currently not connected to the computer, or there is no connection to this device). I have already tried multiple versions of the catalyst control center (which are capable with my graphics card) but none of them worked out for me.

These problems started occuring after I replaced my hard disk because the previous one had crashed, before that crash the graphics card was just working without any problems.


Technical specs from my laptop:

HP pavilion g7-1390ed

Intel I5

AMD radeon hd7400m

Intel HD graphics 3000

Windows 10 64-bits


I'm sorry if my english isn't fully correct, it's not my native language