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    RX 460 - Minor and Major Issues


      Hello! I bought an ASUS RX 460 2GB with Factory OC to 1224Mhz

      This one: Asus Radeon RX 460 Dual OC 2GB (90YV09L2-M0NA00) Asus - PCDIGA


      And i'm experiencing a number of problems with it. In heroes of the storm, I can play for 2-3 minutes untill I get the crash: gfx api error. Whenever I play league of legends I get black screen flickers every minute, the screen goes black for 1-2 seconds and comes back. In this particular case, if I reduce the clock to 950mhz, the black screens stop ocurring. I stressed test the card with Furmark, I did all the Uningine Benchmarks(Valley, Superposition and Haven) and ZERO problems at 1224Mhz, it ran perfectly. I run Witcher 3, not a single problem, all settings ultra 1360x760 for a return of around 40fps, everything's perfect. However, League of Legends and HOTS are a nono. Radeon host application crashes so many times, as well as Wattman. Another odd thing i'm experiencing is, whenever I close a full screen app, Blizzard APP simply doesn't show, but it's open! I can click the buttons, not seeing where I'm clicking, but they are there, just not showing. Same with the Radeon Host application! I have to kill the task and reopen both blizzard app and radeon host application for them to visible again. See this picture:




      The again, I have to kill the app in the task manager and reopen, to be able to see it, but I can click on the options. The application is open but not showing. It could be  a PSU problem, but even if it isn't of the best quality 650W should give enough headroom for the system, even if it only pulls around 400 and something Watts.


      I've tried:


      Clean DDU Uninstall in Safe mode and complete driver re-installment.

      Plugged and unplugged the GPU from the PCI-E slot to make sure it's well slotted.

      Underclocked the GPU seems to be the only fix, but that's not a fix at all.


      My computer specifications:


      PSU: Nox Urano NX 650W

      GPU: Asus 2GB RX 460 OC to 1224mhz

      CPU: Intel i3 4170 @ 3.7Ghz

      Mobo: ASUS H81M-A

      HDD: Generic 500GB WD

      RAM: 2x4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 @ 1600mhz


      I'm scratching my head here, very unhappy with my purchase at the moment..Lots of minor issues and big ones(HOTs, LoL). My previous HD 7770 did not give me a single problem, plug in, 6 pin, drivers, bam, working like a charm.


      Thank you for your time, kind regards!


      Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm running Windows 10 Creators Update

      Edit2: This happened: Black Screen Flickering - YouTube , was just browsing facebook..

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          Just to add to this, I am experiencing exactly the same Issues with Heroes of the Storm on my PowerColor Radeon RX 470 Red Dragon 4GB GDDR5 (i.e. being able to play for about 5 minutes before it crashes, AMD Radeon Settings stops responding and I receive the gfx api error). Overwatch is similarly broken, crashing with a 'Rendering Device Lost' message on factory default settings and only becoming playable when I adjust the maximum temperature setting to around 60°C. Really disappointed, as this is a new machine which was extensively tested by the manufacturer before shipment and the issues are most likely related to a software incompatibility between my favourite games and my card. Will definitely opt for an NVIDIA card next time - a complete waste of money.

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              And still no answer whatsoever..

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                  Your problem is probably Asus Tweak. Delete it after using the 'return everything to default' action. Reinstall your driver of choice. Many issues are caused by using third party graphics controllers...they conflict with Wattman/AMD settings.

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                      Thank you for your input! I'm gonna try it this weekend, I sent the card back just to be sure it wasn't a hardware problem, turns out the card is perfectly fine hardware-wise. Will put it back on my desktop this weekend.

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                          Could anyone make the R9 Fury work using Oculus Rift CV1 with any driver newer than 16.11.xx? Please let me know how. Thanks!

                          Drivers seems to install correctly, but doesn't work on reboot

                          trillianteCorrect Answer

                          by trilliante on May 18, 2017 9:00 PM

                          I figured out the issue and a solution.

                          I have an Asus GPU, so I had the Asus GPU Tweak software installed. After installing the update and watching what happens on reboot, I discovered that the crash happened as soon as GPU tweak started, and that it was accompanied by a message about wattman being reset. I knew I had a slight "over"clock on my GPU, but I didn't even think about that being the cause of it. I booted into safe mode, opened up services and disabled the ASGT service (Asus GPU Tweak). When I restarted.... everything worked properly! I then uninstalled the software. Looks like I'll be doing all my adjustments through the built in AMD software from now on.......

                          See the answer in context

                          driver stopped responding and has recovered

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                              Hi! So, I re-installed the card, did a DDU clean install and didn't install GPU TWEAK by Asus. Tested League of Legends, the problem remains. Later today I'll test Heroes of The Storm, Witcher 3 and World of Warcraft to push the system a little bit, as well as some synthetic benchmarks. Will report back after I've done that.

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                                  rafastang entrei em contato com a ASUS eles me responderam isso


                                  "ASUS CASEID=WTM20170526211917725

                                  Prezado(a) Igor Almeida Nogueira,
                                  Bom dia/Boa tarde


                                  Tenha certeza de estar utilizando drivers atualizados em versão não-beta, bem como o ventilador(fan) de sua VGA estar configurado manualmente para alta rotação, em jogos/softwares que demandem de maior desempenho, onde na normalidade a fan trabalha por padrão de 40 à 50% apenas de suas rotações, podendo assim ter sobre-aquecimento e apresentar travamentos, artefatos entre outros comportamentos. O software GPU Tweak pode lhe auxiliar nisto, ajustando manualmente a velocidade do ventilador(fan) para algo maior, entre 70% e 100% de sua rotação quando em demanda gráfica. Lembrando que pode configurar perfis da fan de acordo com temperatura x rotações da fan, que conforme costumamos realizar sempre equiparadas, ou seja, definindo a partir de 40ºC x 40% das rotações e assim por diante aumentando. Salve e Aplique toda alteração que fizer.


                                  Mantendo o comportamento, somente sua garantia irá auxiliar."


                                  O que eu percebi é que o problema é só com as versões da ASUS, fiz como eles falaram aumentei as rotações no tweak para não deixar a temperatura exceder 60ºC, durante o jogo em momento algum excedeu 50ºC, instalei as versões mais recentes, mais antigas dos drivers e mesmo assim sem sucesso. Tenta mandar um ticket de suporte na página da ASUS, talvez assim eles notem que o problema é no hardware deles e não um problema pontual como o Sr. que me respondeu acredita ser.

                                  Rafastang got in touch with ASUS

                                  "ASUS CASEID = WTM20170526211917725

                                  Dear Igor Almeida Nogueira,
                                  Good day good afternoon

                                  Make sure you're using upgraded non-beta drivers as well as the fan (fan) of your VGA set up manually for high-spin, in demanding games / softwares where a fan works by 40-50% Only of its rotations, thus being able to have overheating and present crashes, artifacts among other behaviors. The Tweak GPU software can assist you in this by manually adjusting a fan speed to a higher, between 70% and 100% of its rotation when in graphic demand. Remembering that you can configure the fan according to the temperature x fan rotations, which make up the performance always equated, ie setting from 40ºC x 40% of the rotations and so on increasing. Save and Apply any changes you make.

                                  By maintaining the behavior, only your warranty will assist. "

                                  What I realized is that the problem is as common as the ASUS versions, as the non-tweak rotations to not let the temperature exceed 60 ° C, during the game at time slightly exceeded 50 ° C, I installed as newer versions, two drivers and even Without success. Try to send a support ticket on the ASUS page, so maybe they notice that the problem is no hardware of them and not a punctual problem as the Mr. who answered me believed to be.

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                                    Instead of "tweaking" your settings...try disabling some default limiters? Power Limit > AMD graphics performance