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gpu overheating while playing dota2 and fps drops due to throttling

Question asked by traktor_celjabinsk on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by kingfish

Guys, i have a less than 1 year old toshiba qosmio x70 b-112 gaming laptop. amd r9m365x iz inside, like u know already... i cant understand low fps on dota2. i need u to tell me which drivers are best suitable for my card and why. i noticed that my gpu is heating up very fast while playing and i play only dota2 and diablo3. both games arent really demanding and i should have good fps even on highest settings... dota2 ran smoothly most of the past year with few minor hiccups and now is like im playing on some low end system. im talking about atleast stable 50 to 60 on very high settings in 1920x1080... my gpu goes up to 92 celsius while the load is only like 25% even less most of the time. cpu temperatures are quite decent though and the only thing causing performance drops is gpu throttling due to overheating somehow... i wonder if the newest drivers for my card isnt a good idea at all and i should stick to basic older drivers that windows 10 automatically selects. id like to know which ones to use and the correct settings in catalyst/amd settings... what am i supposed to do?  im kinda dissapointed cuz my system should really handle those games with ease and i should have much better experience since i put 1500€ into the basket. i use windows 10 home edition... hope i explained it well enough... sry if i didnt