Ryzen 1700 Build. sometimes is bottlenecking.

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These Are My Sepcs


CPU: Ryzen 1700 Using the Stock Cooler

GPU: GTX 1070 Armor 8G

MOB: B350 tomahawk am4

RAM: 8GB corsair vengence 3200mhz ram

SATA:1TB WD Black 7200rpm 6GB

PSU: Seasonic S12II 620W



This is my budget build so dont expect me to upgrade my storage to 1tb SSD. First and for most THanks for helping me out if you wish to

I will be upgrading my Ram to 16GB 3000mhz but going to need little help with over clock


I noticed that when i try to multi task such as browsing internet and opening photoshop my pc slows down. the cpu usage is a problem and so the ram but it does get to 80% thats why i am getting 16GB and ryzen seems to play better with ram as well.


the problem now is the HDD. I could go for for SSD and not have any HDD. but since i am going to download games like cod and apps like adobe, photoshop, after effect and premier its going to have 0 space left. the best choice for me is to go with HDD. here is the example. check out the picture link below

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the disk usage also goes up to 100% and the whole computer little freeze and slows downlload. but the computer does feel very powerfull sometimes.