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    AMD Ryzen 1700x FPS drops




      i have a question about my new AMD Ryzen CPU. I used to have a i7 4770k and a i5 3750k computer. Both ran (for example) Final Fantasy XIV on a higher FPS then I do now with my AMD Ryzen 1700x CPU (Have another system with a 1800x CPU, which runs even lower then the 1700 on FPS in the same F'ing games!!!! outragious!).


      Same settings, same area, same amount of players et cetera, same Windows version (Windows 10) and everything... just a lower speed MOBO + RAM. GPU 1070 and a 980 GTX TI Lighting in the other rig.


      Can anyone explain to me why this is? CPU should be a LOT better then both of my previous ones, or at least not less which in this case, and with some other games, is the case. This feels like another "AMD" product that was claimed to be a monster, but in real life is a total failure as with almost all AMD products when I think back of the past...

      Hope someone can clear up this matter.

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          I play WoT, BDO, GW2, STO, Rift, Starcraft, HotS, Conan Exiles plus a few more games with a 1700X and performance is perfectly fine. CPU multiplier is set to auto and memory is at 3200.


          What is your memory speed?

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              Ill take my main system as example


              Windows 10 Home 64 bit

              AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-core processor @ 3592.7 MHz running on all cores

              16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX K2

              M2 SSD 500GB 960 EVO PCIe (Windows and my main games i.e. FFXIV and Overwatch)

              3 more SSD's all 550/550 speed (Samsung I beleve)  

              Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 B350 motherboard

              MSI GTX 980 TI Lightning GPU


              When I check my memory speed it says that it is currently running at this:


              NB Frequency 1064.5 MHz

              DRAM Frequency 1064.5 MHz

              CAS Latency 15.0 clocks

              RAS to CAS Delay 15 c locks

              RAS 15 clocks

              Cycle time tRas 36 clocks

              Bank cycle 51 c locks


              The memory modules them self are 3200 MHz though


              Hope this info is sufficient

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                  Have you tried getting your memory to run faster? SOC voltage to 1.1v and DRAM voltage to 1.4v with timings 16-18-18-18-38. Goto 2400 first then 2666 then 2933 then try 3200.

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                      Will give that a try tomorrow, thanks a lot for your answer! But you sure about the 1.4 volt?

                      Bull though that you buy new stuff, 3200 MHz compatible, but yet you still have to change stuff to make it work while it should automaticly work if you ask me.


                      BTW XMP is not working properly, my PC reboots multiple times after it, then im back to 1067MHz.... is there any other way without breaking my RAM if I do it wrong?
                      AMD Ryzen Master for example? and what should I change I mean... it shows so many things that you can change... no clue what is what haha.


                      Most are on 15 bus speed, one is on 36 bus speed (names are in Dutch and I dont know the English names lol).

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                          1.4v on 3200 rated memory if quite safe, 1.1 SOC is quite safe, you may need to beef up your core voltage slightly also. You can loosen your timings even further to try and trigger the overclock 20-20-20-20-42. Remember XMP is Intel, D.O.C.P. is for Ryzen, thought they are basically the same thing.


                          Ryzen AGESA and BIOS are still maturing and currently have issues with memory, though it is getting better. There are releases coming down the pipe that should help with memory. Sometimes you have to wrestle with your system to get it to behave the way you want it to. When the overclock fails, be it memory overclock or cpu overclock the system will always go back to default 2133 for memory and auto for cpu. Don't forget anything over 2133 is a memory overclock. Pry it with some voltage, I am sure you can get more then 2133. When a new bios comes out revisit your voltages, speed and timings.

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                            I have this board (gaming 3, ryzen 5 1500x), and can get 2933 from my Geil grb at timings of 16-18-18-18-36. As our board works on offsets, my VCORE SOC is offset by +0.1, and my cpu voltage is offset by -0.09 and I'm on BIOS F6. Which Bios revision are you currently on?

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                      Will post my settings this weekend. Stuff has improved a little bit but still not near expectations haha but oh well... maybe software / BIOS and other stuff still needs more updates or something for Ryzen to fully work. I will edit this post this weekend with some of my settings et cetera.


                      P.S. I canont bump up the voltage in my BIOS, the option is grayed-out