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AMD Ryzen 1700x FPS drops

Question asked by groundzero on May 20, 2017
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i have a question about my new AMD Ryzen CPU. I used to have a i7 4770k and a i5 3750k computer. Both ran (for example) Final Fantasy XIV on a higher FPS then I do now with my AMD Ryzen 1700x CPU (Have another system with a 1800x CPU, which runs even lower then the 1700 on FPS in the same F'ing games!!!! outragious!).


Same settings, same area, same amount of players et cetera, same Windows version (Windows 10) and everything... just a lower speed MOBO + RAM. GPU 1070 and a 980 GTX TI Lighting in the other rig.


Can anyone explain to me why this is? CPU should be a LOT better then both of my previous ones, or at least not less which in this case, and with some other games, is the case. This feels like another "AMD" product that was claimed to be a monster, but in real life is a total failure as with almost all AMD products when I think back of the past...

Hope someone can clear up this matter.