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    Is this normal?


      Ryzen 1800X on Windows 10 x64, HwInfo64 shows one of my core's voltage as being 1.45 the rest are normal this is during idle & load... Check Core #4 VID... Doesn't matter how long it's running, it's always reported as being 1.45V.


      Also, when boosting, my two boost cores (not XFR) don't seem to boost to 4Ghz for more than a second, if not less than a second, is that normal too? Windows task manager never shows 4Ghz when single core benching either, neither does CPU-Z, I only see 4Ghz in HwInfo64 but it only shows it for a fraction of a second! Using Liquid Cooling, temps at load never over 50C, idle in 20-30C.


      BIOS Settings for CPU are stock, except for DRAM voltage. Motherboard is MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium. Not overclocking, DDR4 is at 2667 @ 1.42V, cooler is Corsair H100i V2, Windows Power settings are AMD Ryzen Balanced power profile, HPET is disabled.Ryzen_Voltage_WTF.png