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    Power Efficiency Off Causes Crashing In 2D Environment R9 390


      Since Crimson 16.3 and the "Power Efficiency" toggle, R9 390 users, mostly wi Sapphire 390's, are experiencing crashes (TDR) IN 2D environment, when "Power Efficiency" is toggled to OFF. It's almost June 2017 and the problem is known since March 2016. That is 1 year and 3 months, people. Also you made the toggle switched to Off by default, which "crashed" many clueless users with 390's.

      There are ONLY 2 remedies:

      ClockBlocker by A2Razor - ClockBlocker Download Version 1.2-6.5

      And turning Power Efficiency to ON.

      And this IS JUST NOT acceptable. R9 390 is not a low end card from 2009 for it to be that much abandoned.


      I think it would be a great idea to introduce an option, that locks the GPU and Memory clock to the maximum possible, regardless of usage and/or to fix this problem with R9 390 users.

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          390 is a pretty old card. just because they say that their latest driver package includes support for the older cards, that does not mean that they are actively making updates for anything but their latest line of cards.


          your only choice, really, is to use the old driver, as i do for my fury x. or use some third party program to work around it, as you are.


          or buy a newer card, which is ultimately what amd intends for us to do, whether they claim to continue support for the older cards or not, they would much rather have us just buy a new one. because there is not much chance of amd looking back at this point. i wouldn't get my hopes up if i was you.

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            Have you thought about contacting Sapphire tech. support, they may be aware of/offer a vbios solution.

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