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How do I get rid of blue screen 'VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE' (atikmdag.sys) under Win10?

Question asked by olivenbaum2013 on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by ray_m


in another post I thought I could get rid of the blue screen by a new hard disk (SSD) or cleaning the heatpipes and the CPU etc. After cleaning etc. the blue screen came again. I have not tried the SSD yet.

This time when the blue screen came again I was aware of the information VIDEO_TDR_Failure (atikmpag.sys)
After a short research in google I came across problems with graphic card driver of the ATI Radeon graphic cards.


I have made the following:

  1. In safe mode I have uninstalled both graphic card drivers (I have switchable graphics: ati mobility radeon hd 5470 and intel (hd) or something like that). Loading in secure mode worked then fine.
  2. Then I have downloaded the currently recommended AMD driver Radeon software Crimson ReLive Edition for Windows 10 (64 bit) started to install it.
  3. This installation closed somehow and a window of AMD Catalyst software version 08.00.0916 opened, following by its process that is to analyze my system, which was also successfully completed. After that the AMD Catalyst Software came to the second step: installing components. And then, while installing the first of the components, namely AMD Catalyst installation manager, everything stop to work, 3 sounds sound, black screen arises, laptop restarts and return to the same blue screen with the same code: video_tdr_failure: atikmpag.sys.


I repeated the whole thing 3 times to find out if the software is the problem or if windows does automatic driver updates simultaneously in the background and fails on specific point. Solution: It is not windows, it must have something to do with this specific software AMD driver Radeon software Crimson ReLive Edition for Windows 10 (64 bit) or with the things that this software needs to apply to.

PS: In safe mode this software can not really start. The information I get is: Error 99: The AMD installer can not continue because the driver has not been digitally signed. I do have internet access. (Also CPU-Z does not recognize the graphic card in safe mode.)

Does anybody have any idea?