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    Sudden Change in Brightness/Contrast/Gamma


      My System:

           Graphics Card: PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX480 8GB DDR5

           Custom Desktop System

           Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit

           Driver Version: Radeon Software Crimson Edition ReLive 17.5.2

           Display Device: Samsung SMS23A550H 1920x1080 @60Hz HDMI

           Motherbord: ASUS Sabertooth Z77

           CPU: Intel Core i7 2600

           Power Supply Unit: beQuiet Dark Power Pro 650W (already a few years old, never had any problems with it)

           RAM: 16GB DDR3



      a couple of days ago I started up my Computer and after a few minutes of harmless browsing my screen went black, it didn't say it lost the video feed it was just black, then came back and somehow something changed in the brightness, contrast and/or gamma settings. After a few more seconds the screen went black again and then didn't come back so I figured I restart the screen and after doing so it was green, like a solid green screen. I checked if the cable was connected properly and it was, took it out and plugged it back in again which fixed nothing.

      I haven't had anything like that ever before or after again and that isn't why I am writing this post exactly.

      My problem is that the somehow changed brightness/contrast/gamma issue persists which is driving me crazy. I managed to somehow fix it by adjusting the gamma value in the windows settings but something seems to be wrong with te contrast as well as I can see some brighter areas on my desktop background which shouldn't be visible.

      I uploaded some pictures to illustrate what I mean, I hope they help.

      Now you might ask how I got the 'less_broken' images. I thought I fixed the issue to the best of my ability and was actually fine with it when I started playing the Dark Souls 3 DLCs and after closing the game noticed that once again something was off with my settings. As it turns out Dark Souls seeems to almost perfectly revert my settings back to their original state, almost, see the 'less_broken' images. Sadly I wanted to change back the gamma adjustment I made beacause with the reverted settings it made the screen a lot darker than it should be but as I went back into the Windows brighness/contrast/gamma settings it reset again so saldy the Dark Souls fix isn't permanent.

      I also spend a lot of time fiddling with the settings on my monitor which sadly didn't do anything.


      Sorry for that lengthy explanation. I hope somebody can help me figure out what happened and how I can fix my Brightness/contrast/gamma (not sure which of those are actually affected).

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          hi, i have the same problem try to go back to the 17.4.2 and tell me if you have solved.

          Wrong Gamma, Saturation or Contrast?

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              Thanks for the response.

              I completely purged the 17.5.2 Version off my system using Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstalled the one you suggested (17.4.2).

              It actually worked for a few minutes before my screen went black again I got the Windows notification sound, like when you plug in a new device into your computer (USB Drive, Headset, etc.) and it put the settings back to the broken ones.

              Sadly didn't really help but thanks anyway.

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              try to disable windows update, i think in your case there's an update of the driver in background. try to see computer management and device manager if the drivers change in your graphic card when you listen the notification of the windows like a new device (the version of the driver)


              if it's true, in device manager you can roll back the graphic card driver

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                  Take the steps necessary to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically installing/changing graphics drivers > Windows 10 Forums  and delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder of all previous drivers.

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                      Thanks for the replies again.

                      You are right I totally didn't think of that but that is what happened.

                      So I turned off the automatic driver updates. Sadly none of the methods @kingfish posted seem to work anymore (Windows 10 1703, can't find the entry in the registry) but I found another way to disable them. Sadly that didn't work either and as I was typing this my driver was updated again. (Forgot to put in the step where after disabling the automatic driver updates I purged the driver again using DDU and reinstalled it after deleting the C:/AMD folder, also I make sure never to check any boxes for automatic updates during or after the installation of the Radeon drivers)

                      What I did now was, what @lucarica suggested to return to my old driver version using the windows hardware manager and this seems to work finally.


                      So thank you guys very much for your help, the problem seems to be fixed.