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VRM Temps

Question asked by vengeance3866 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by black_zion

Ok so I have officially made the switch to the red team recently. Been an avid fan of nvidia cards since the GTX260 era and I am fairly pleased with doing so. So far so good with performance I am getting from the RX580 (ASUS Strix O8-G) as well as I am fairly impressed with the Radeon settings software. I didn't install ReLive but are impressed. Alright So reason for switch was basically prices are just stupid crazy for 27" 4K IPS G-Sync monitors, I just dont see paying that much for a monitor so Freesync has won me over and everything is working flawlessly with my 4K IPS Freesync monitor. Now my question is "what is the absolute danger zone for the VRMs on the RX580 card"? In the game Overwatch I am seeing VRM1 peak at around 90C and VRM2 peak around 50C with GPU diode at around 60C. I got my fans doing their job with wattman but are still worried if I need to downclock my card a bit to lower temps on the VRMs?