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    Segfault in GLSL linker



      I have the following GLSL program, which passes all tests by the GLSLang validator:

      test.frag · GitHub

      test.geom · GitHub

      test.vert · GitHub

      It segfaults when linking it (when calling `glLinkProgram`)!


      AMD Radeon FirePro W9100

      amdgpu pro 17.10

      Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


      All my other shader work just fine, so it shouldn't be a general problem with my setup!


      I'd appreciate quick feedback. A segfault in a valid program with a pro driver is not very nice!

      Btw, this isn't my first segfault, the last ones were not actual valid programs, but an error would still have been much nicer!


      Let me know if this is the wrong forum, it was kind of hard to find an official bug report site!