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    RX 480 return of the crashing


      So my gigabyte RX 480 has been nuked again by after AMD update (17.5). I undervolted my card on the old update but this one came automatically and now my gaming pc wont play any games without crashing entirely. check out this video of overwatch dying because of this card. Gigabyte RX 480 having a stroke - YouTube






      AMD FX_8320 eight core


      Gigabyte RX 480 G1 8gb


      Seagate 1TB Barracuda


      Corsair Vengence 8gb


      Corsair 500w


      Is the card just totally fubar or something?

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          it's just AMD being AMD, same goes for Ubisoft with potato server.


          i've been posting my issue for a whole month and not a single reply but me self..

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              Managed to get it to work somehow last night.


              pulled the card to write down serials for RMA thru gigabyte but plugging it back in may have solved any lose/weak connection to the PCI-E slot?


              also even tho mobo was up to date I reflashed it with newest bios, same with gpu. Also reinstalled drivers but used the AMD RX 480 17.5 ones not the gigabyte ones. Finally undervolted card and ran furmark, running at 74'C at 77 fps 2400mhz under 90-100% load. Seems to work fine now. Going to start an RMA through gigabyte anyways and try and get a refund for a gtx 1070.


              Hope my solution helps you, hmu if you want my wattman settings.

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