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R9 270x dual x problem with new drivers

Question asked by dfrag3d on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by amdmatt

Hello I am new on the forum and new with AMD graphics card.

I have Windows 10 ver.1703 installed and fully updated and after install my new r9 270x 4gb from sapphire the Windows update installed the new drivers and I got the black screen. The computer not stopped and the mouse cursor appear normaly. For exemple if I restart my pc my login screen is black, but my mouse cursor is on and  change to enter with my password and start my session.  Of course I only listen the Windows sounds, but the computer does not hang.

What I made. I entered in security mode and remove the drivers with ddu uninstaller and disable the windows update. By recomendation of a friend  I download and installed a old driver amd-catalyst-15.11.1beta-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-nov14 and this is working good.

I am a little disappointed with this problem. I searched in the internet and the guys with this cards has a lot of driver issues. AMD please I hope you can help.! Why the old driver works and the new ones have this issue. I tried different versions and no luck.

This is a incompatibility with my old pc?


Intel Core 2 QUAD Q9400