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    TWO Brand NEW XFX 480 GPU but no crossfire to be found anyplace.


      I have been the phone for the past 4 hours with XFX support and MSI motherboard support.

      Here is my issue.  I have a week old MSI Z170A M5 mother board. 

      As of today, two brand new XFX 480 GPU 8 gigs ram.

      I open up the AMD Radeon Settings by right clicking on the desk top and selecting that option.  NO PLACE to be found is crossfire. 

      When I click the Global settings, it is NOT there.  Then if I click in the lower right hand corner "SYSTEM", both cards are shown in the above tabs.  One tab says (primary) and the other says (Disable).


      QUESTION.... how can I get my system to see both cards?  Where is crossfire?


      WHAT I HAVE DONE....


      1.   I have installed and uninstalled the Graphics Drivers many times.

      2.  I have updated the bios on my motherboard

      3.  Booted each card separately and each card performs really well ....alone.


      Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.