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    3D Acceleration not available for Legacy PopCap Games in W10 with any AMD Radeon drivers


      I found an old unanswered Spanish question and marked it as having the same issue. However, since there is no reply and there may be more chance in English here goes.


      I have the following Setup:

      W10 Pro with legacy directplay component installed and full DirectX SDK

      AMD Athlon 5350 (R3 Graphics)

      Gigabyte GA-AM1M-S2H rev 1.0

      8GB HyperX LP running with XMP Profile

      Radeon software build 17.4.4


      The issue is that the following games from PopCap don't recognise the GPU as being able to run the games with hardware acceleration. This means they are limited to software rendering at 800x600 which means the graphics look rubbish in both window mode and fullscreen, plus none of the animation effects work. In W7 with the same hardware the games run fine with full hardware acceleration but I don't want to install an entire OS again just for these games.


      Bejeweled 3, Bejeweled Twist, Peggle, Zuma


      My Laptop with Intel Core i3-3110m and Intel HD 4000 graphics runs the games in W10 with hardware acceleration after loading in the same directplay and DirectX components. So it is specifically something to do with an AMD driver lacking something here.


      Any ideas what AMD have done differently with W10 drivers to prevent the game from detecting hardware properly? Is there anything I can do to make the games work? I've tried compatibility mode and it makes no difference. I can run the two bejeweled games better in Linux Mint 17.3 with PlayOnLinux (POL), kernel 4.2 and the fglrx-updates driver. I haven't got the other 2 working yet with POL.

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          There is a chance that a component was updated in our newer drivers which broke compatibility with these old games. I would suggest trying an older Crimson or even Catalyst display driver to see if that enables hardware acceleration for those titles.


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              Hello matt thanks for the suggestion.



              The oldest W10 driver I am aware of that works for this system is 1507172038-15.20.1060-150715a-186813C-Rage_6 from the Gigabyte support website but the games still don't work any better unfortunately with that.



              Additionally, W10 Pro Windows Update just fails midway through trying to forcefully install a newer driver even though I have deselected device driver updates from hardware settings in advanced system settings. So I just bit the bullet and clean upgraded the drivers manually via the AMD website instead to stop the constant WU cycle.

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                  All compatible drivers are listed in the link above, other than trying those there is not much we can do im afraid.

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                      Thanks anyway for your time with this Matt, I understand you have more important priorities to deal with so appreciate it greatly.



                      The main bugbear I have so far with W10 apart from the lack of overall user control of updates and the notoriously dubious privacy controls is a lack of backwards compatibility with older software, not just these games. W10 NVIDIA Geforce GTX drivers in another system I use for more demanding games titles are also failing the game hardware detection for these DirectPlay titles too even with W8.1. Intel are seemingly the odd one out but I'm not letting the kids use my work notebook.



                      There's no chance EA who own PopCap these days will patch the games either. I've tried asking them if there's a workaround I could apply via registry settings or if they could patch the games for detection of new hardware and they just answered that it's a driver issue they aren't responsible for.



                      I wasn't expecting you to magically fix the drivers, but if you could spare some more time at some point to find out what has changed and at least look into providing a fix (or a potential workaround I could try out) we'd be extremely grateful. I can't be the only one who has people in the family wanting to still play these old games at their best on anything other than Intel hardware. I'm willing to work with you as much as I can in so far as testing and feeding back is concerned. I'm fairly knowledgeable and have experience of this over the years with many third-party applications and other hardware drivers including TWAIN drivers I have re-written myself for 64-bit Windows Canon LiDE 50 USB scanner support. I don't want to start trying to alter your drivers myself though because of stability issues/potential damage it may cause being a more critical system component.



                      I have decent drive imaging software from Acronis so making proper snapshots, not half-baked system restore ones and rolling back changes is no great hardship.

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                          I looked into this problem for you and it made me curious so i found a solution for it. First, like this ([Solution] No 3D acceleration in Windows 8+ :: Bejeweled 3 General Discussions ) thread says: The acceleration works if your monitor resolution is set high enough, for whatever reason that might be. I tried Bejeweled 3 under Win10Creators with AMD drivers 17.4.1 with resolution set to 1080p and it worked out of the box.

                          Then i set my main monitors resolution to 720p, and Bejeweled said "no hardware acceleration". So since you were talking about laptop i guess their panel doesn't allow you a high enough resolution, if it does, the easy fix is to set it higher. If it doesn't, following the advice of the steam thread, get WineD3D from here: WineD3D For Windows - Federico Dossena , i used the Version 2.8 staging package, and copy these 3 dlls to the beleweled install folder: ddraw.dll, libwine.dll and wined3d.dll and start the game up. It now worked perfectly even in 720p with hardware acceleration.


                          Hope this helps you

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                              Indeed thanks for the very enlightening suggestions.

                              Setting the resolution higher isn't an option without hooking up a TV which isn't as simple as it sounds and it only seems a temporary fix. The system is a desktop with a 19" SyncMaster 931BF native resolution 1280x1024 connected via HDMI to DVI cable. There's only two outputs, HDMI and VGA so I use an adaptor cable for digital output to the monitor.

                              The second option, using WINE staging libraries looks more promising, so I'll definitely investigate that further in the future.

                              However, I'm happy to mark this as answered and closed given the above suggestions and the fact I have a working solution of my own since this afternoon using Linux Mint 17.3 for all of the affected games now.


                              The Linux Mint way:

                              I managed to ascertain through trial and error that Zuma and Peggle needed a specific rendering setting in PoL to work. Instead of the default WINE setting which is OpenGL, you have to switch it to GDI rendering via the PoL interface. Once that is done, they both run fine. With OpenGL the rendering was freezing constantly.

                              As for Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled 3, both worked anyhow as long with WINE set to the W7 profile if rule is set for the d3d10 library to use native via WINE configuration. I'll try and upload all this information to winehq as well at some point to make it easier still to find.

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