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No login screen after Ubuntu drivers installation

Question asked by cubehd on May 16, 2017


I have a RX 480 and just yesterday installed Zorin OS as second system. After I have put a lot of work into configuring it as I want, I tried to install the AMDGPU-Pro Drivers for Ubuntu from the official website. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu and basically just added Wine and changed the look. So to make the script installing everything I changed the ID check to "zorin", as it is in "cat /etc/os-release" where it also says "UBUNTU_CODENAME=xenial". After the installation was complete, I rebooted the system and everything was fine. While I was getting some food, the monitor turned off, and when I came back I had to restart the computer and it went directly into "tty1". The Xorg.0.log tells me, that it cannot access "/dev/tty0". So what should I do?

I have reinstalled the system, but the Shaders in Minecraft are now telling me, that the needed OpenGL functions are not available.

In the system it says "Gallium 0.4 on POLARIS10", which is also the OpenGL renderer string, and and lspci tells me, that the Kernel driver in use is amdgpu. All packages needed for that seem to be installed.

My system is:

CPU: FX8350


and that should be everything important. I am using the latest release of Zorin OS 12.1 with the 4.8 Kernel (well, at least it is linux-headers-4.8.0-52, so it seems to be the 4.8 Kernel).


EDIT (05/17/2017):

Beside doing this post, I also wrote an email to "AMD Global Customer Care", who answered, that only Ubuntu 16.04 is supported. But Zorin is Ubuntu, just with a different GUI!


EDIT II (05/17/2017)

This is the second edit today (I do really keep the moderators working xD)

I found a temporary workaround. When I am in tty1, I can do "startx" and the GUI will work just fine. Seems to be more a system problem than a drivers problem, because I just installed the same version on my brothers PC and without the AMD drivers, he got the same issue. I try to keep this open in case someone got a real solution.



It would be very nice if someone could help me!





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