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Keep getting recommended AMD Software updates

Question asked by lizardkweef on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by trice001

Hi there


I just received my first desktop with AMD GPU and I am very pleased with it!

But there is one question I have... I have 2 programs, the AMD Software, which is a grey logo, and the AMD Radeon Settings, which is a red logo.

The Radeon Settings is up to date and I have no issue with that, but the AMD Software keeps giving me recommended updates...



I am currently on 17.10.2711. The recommended update is 17.4.4. But when I update, restart my computer and open the AMD Software again, it keeps saying that I am at 17.10.2711...


What should I do? And like I said, this is my first device with AMD, I always have been using Nvidia before.