Relive capture is ultra laggy

Discussion created by ulfsark on May 17, 2017
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I just got a RX480 Nitro+ 4GB. I am using the drivers 17.4.4. The GPU and the games are running great, but whenever I enable relive on battlefield 1(it's working on battlefield 4), it becomes ultra laggy. I uploaded a video sample to show it. Also, when I capture the desktop, it's kind of blurry... and sometimes relive simply stops working. Right now the shortcuts are not working anymore...


2017.05.17-01.08.mp4 - Google Drive

2017.05.17-01.45.mp4 - Google Drive


My specs are:


Win 10 x64 (up to date)

i7 4790k


8gb ram 1600mhz

Monitor benq rl2455hm

Installed on SSD

PSU CX 430


Please, don't tell me that relive is that lame because I just bought that GPU and I need it working like RIGHT NOW. I post gameplays on my channel every day...