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rx 580 poor performance in LoL, no power efficiency slide in Crimson ReLive

Question asked by fil on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by fil

I just assembled my new PC. I have a 144hz monitor and would like to play League of Legends at High FPS. More demanding game work fine, however I can see my rx580 keep downclocking itself to 300/600 mhz during LoL gameplay producing low FPS and stuttering.

Third party programs have no effect on the issue.

I can't turn off power efficiency mode because there is no slide on my Crimson Relive software. I updated to the latest version, and even tried some older one but with no luck.

Every time i tried a new Crimson version i used DDU.

What to do? Is the absence of the power efficiency slide normal for my GPU? Any way to solve the problem?