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      Hello everybody!
      My name is Simon, and i am have one question.
      How can I be sponsored by AMD? I want to be Polish YouTuber and i will spend a lot of time on Twitch.

      I can speak in English(badly) and in Polish (My nationality language). I want to show why AMD graphics cards and Processor are the best. I know a lot about recording, I can edit my video, and I can upload 2 videos in one day. I just need one good PC, I know, AMD have a lot of money propably, if they send PC for me, i could show peoples why they should buy AMD, not Nvidia or Intel Core.Is there any way to be sponsored by AMD?

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          You should get your platforms up and running before looking to get sponsored.

          You need to have something to show for.

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            as blazek said - AMD would get nothing from you from sponsoring you and send you a free pc // if you have 50k subs and upload 3 vids per week with at least 35k views it would still be "not enough"


            btw - if you want to get more views you should improve your english because your possible audience is then much larger; for YT and twitch it isnt needed to have a "strong" pc - even my old FX-8150 served me well for this task for 4 years // have in mind you can use Hardware Encoder for streaming (as long as you didnt use a webcam)


            so to get sponsored: create good content - this will generate views and subs - this will bring the industry to sponsor you

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