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    RX 460 drivers


      Kind time of the day, help to solve the problem ... When I install the driver on the video card I can not change the resolution on the monitor, and there is an error that the drivers are not installed or working is not true ..... What should I do?

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          win 10-64bit

          Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
          QuadCore AMD FX-4330, 4100 MHz

          deepcool 650W

          8gb ram

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              Delete all the Asus (or any other third party graphics controller..Afterburner,Trixx,MSI,etc) controls. Third party controllers conflict with Wattman.


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              by trilliante on May 18, 2017 9:00 PM


              I have an Asus GPU, so I had the Asus GPU Tweak software installed. After installing the update and watching what happens on reboot, I discovered that the crash happened as soon as GPU tweak started, and that it was accompanied by a message about wattman being reset. I knew I had a slight "over"clock on my GPU, but I didn't even think about that being the cause of it. I booted into safe mode, opened up services and disabled the ASGT service (Asus GPU Tweak). When I restarted.... everything worked properly! I then uninstalled the software. Looks like I'll be doing all my adjustments through the built in AMD software from now on.......

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