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    ryzen power profile causes audio problems


      I have installed the updated ryzen power profile to windows 10 and enabled ryzen power setting from windows 10 setting, playing music  from ITunes library on desktop I took note audio playing pauses for about a minute then comes back and repeats the same issue, all drivers and bios are current, only fix I could find was to change the power profile back to windows control and the problem went away, anyone else seen this?


      System is: R5-1400 default clock seed, graphics R9-380-4g, 8 gig ddr4-2400, Board- Asus Prime B350m-a/csm {bios0604}

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          How did you obtain the Ryzen power profile? 


          We've included the power profile in the 17.10 Chipset driver, if you're using a different version then I suggest trying the one provided in the 17.10 driver.

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              chipset drivers are from AMD web page as well are my graphic drivers, generally I don`t use board manufacturer drivers except bios updates, I am using the current drivers 17.10 from AMD site, windows 10 power profile does not have any conflicts that I have seen, just the ryzen profile when enabled conflict with the audio when playing library from ITunes, audio drivers are the current realtek 2.81, ITunes is Apples current version,all drivers on system are up to date.

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              Having the same issue here with a Ryzen 1600 on the Asus B350 Prime Plus. Either overclocked or everything at stock I get really annoying clicks/crackles when in games, listening to music or watching video.
              Using an external audio interface (RME Babyface) or the onboard Realtek audio didn't make any difference.
              Tried HPET on/off in Windows 10 x64, High performance and Ryzen's Balanced power plan, looked for weir processes that could be making the CPU spike (it doesn't spike when the crackling happens) but no luck. Could be a Bios issue (I'm on 3401), chipset drivers from Amd, the processor itself... I'm clueless right now